New Year. New Roles. New MediaDeskers.

By José Viramontes | CEO

Well, it’s official that 2021 will be a Year of Elevation at MediaDesk. The team declared it so on a recent Zoom call. And, let’s be honest, is there really a better way to pay homage to the year that wouldn’t end and all the “critical life lessons” it contained than to declare that everyday thereafter will be better? 

So, yes, in 2021 MediaDesk and the amazingly resilient organizations we get to work with will be elevating. 

Elevating our perspectives.

Elevating above the fray.

Elevating beyond any self-prescribed limitations. 

Elevating our accomplishments together. 

While it all seems very philosophical (which it is) and more of an intention than a practice (which it is, too), there are some very tangible aspects to the Year of Elevation. For example, we started our internal elevation by adding new teammates and expanding the roles of others. 

Two long-time team members, Olivia and Emily, have stepped into new roles with the organization and we welcomed two new teammates, Angelica and Julisa, to our group of creators. 

After a year of being MediaDesk’s Campaign Director for our 2020 Census efforts for the New Mexico Complete Count effort, Olivia Faust has taken the reins of Associate Creative Director. 

Emily Hill, our master marketer and in-house motivator, has been promoted to Communications Strategist. Make sure to keep an eye out for the new series of communications workshops she’s spearheading in this role! 

Recognizing that all this elevation was going to require bringing in new teammates to make it all happen, we looked immediately to Julisa Rodriguez and Angelica Ortega. These two incredibly talented communications professionals worked with us during the 2020 Census, and, with a little cajoling, both agreed to officially join the team. I’d like to think it was my perfect use of puns that convinced them, but the rest of the team assures me that it wasn’t. Maybe the snack-heavy culture, then. We’ll never know. 

Angelica is serving as a Communications Associate and putting her experience and education in political science to good use as we support efforts with public sector initiatives.  

Julisa is stepping into the important role of Project Manager. Her attention to detail and love of data, paired with a creative flair are perfect skills for the person who helps manage the nuts and bolts of the creative process. 

There is a lot in store over the coming months, and I couldn’t be more confident in the team we have in place to make it all happen. If the goal is to elevate, having the right team in place ensures we’re starting off on the right track.