3 Low-Budget Investments That Will Take Your Nonprofit to the Next Level

Nonprofits, we hear you. You’re pounding the pavement pitching to partners, applying for grants, wooing funders, and…ya know…changing the world. You have enough to do—let alone worry about which fonts to use.

But we’re here to tell you that brand consistency and communication strategy matter—and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. If you want to strengthen your brand and boost your credibility as an organization, spend money on these three things. They have minimal cost, and a huge return on investment.

A Professional Photoshoot

Book a two-hour session with a local photographer (we have contacts!) to take crisp, professional photos of your product, service, event, or staff team. Take down the low-res, kinda blurry photos you’ve got all over your website and Facebook. Great photography establishes instant credibility and professionalism, along with communicating what you do and who you serve more clearly and beautifully.

The whole ordeal will cost you one afternoon and $200-$500, with photos you can use in perpetuity.

Facebook Ads

Gone are the days of social media as free advertising. Now you’ve got to pay to play, and although that totally sucks, it’s not as expensive as you think. If you’re struggling to drive traffic to your website or social media pages, buy a low-cost Facebook ad.

Facebook allows you to set an ad budget and edit it at anytime. You can set limits to your campaign so that you don’t overspend, and target super specific audience segments. Their backend tools allow you to track the success of the ad with robust analytics.

Ready to experiment? We recommend starting by buying ads to achieve a very specific goal or promote a specific event. Use a budget of $50 and track the analytics diligently. This one-time investment will not only accomplish your short-term goal (e.g. more page likes / more event attendees), but will give you great insights into audience demographics and behavior that will help you assess and adjust your communication strategy over the long term.

Brand Book or Style Guide

You might have a great logo and website, but if your social media posts, email newsletter, and print collateral have different fonts, colors, layout styles and belief statements, you’re creating a fractured, confusing brand identity. A brand book or style guide costs between $200-$500, and will instantly affect your brand’s consistency, authority, and credibility.

A style guide establishes brand rules like which fonts to use, how to modify the logo, and which color palates are best. This consistency will give audiences an accurate, cohesive idea of your brand. This investment rolls over into more trust and clarity when talking to funders and partners. Plus, once you distribute the guide to the whole team, you can delegate things like flyer design, eNews blasts, and Facebook posts while maintaining a singular, powerful impression of the brand across multiple platforms.

Wanna get started? We can help.


photo courtesy of shootfactory