Video As A Powerful Engagement Tool


The 1st iPhone was released over nine years ago. At the time it was an entirely revolutionary piece of technology; it provided the ability to access the internet in the palm of your hand. The ever-improving mobile technologies of today enable us to interact socially with a wide variety of content online. And as users adapt and tech companies respond, we have observed a trend in preference for video content. According to  Brainshark, “33% of tablet owners watch one hour of video per day on their device” and “52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI”.

We launched our latest video, Mind Open, this month, which provides a window into the Entrepreneurial Mindset program that has been highly successful in municipal government and now is being piloted within Albuquerque’s Public School District. 

This video shows how this program is transforming the way our city works through the twelve APS students who took it earlier this year and the successful entrepreneurs who’ve signed on in support of the program.

The videos produced about the Entrepreneurial Mindset Program are not only well suited for the host website, mindsetmemo.com and algorithmically optimized when shared on social media sites, they have also enabled the tactical messages embedded within the video (the story about the program) to keep its fidelity and initiate discussions online and off.

Video offers a more fun and stimulating way for a users to interact with a more nuanced experience.


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Written by eric martinez

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