Three Tips You Need To Navigate Facebook’s Algorithm Changes



Last Week Facebook announced a new round of algorithmic tweaks that will change the experience for every user. The algorithmic tweaks are intended to change feeds to put friends and family first, which means that for small publishers and organizations with Pages, this shift will change the way posts get delivered to followers. 

Here are a tips for navigating the changes for organizational Facebook Pages:

1.) Create content that people want to share – as individuals

While you are in total control of what and when you post, Facebook still controls how the user sees it – and with the new changes to Facebook’s algorithm, they will be delivering your cool posts less often, UNLESS! Individuals directly share them on their personal accounts. Create posts and share things that your followers will want to share from their personal pages.

2.) Experiment with using Facebook Live (live video, learn more here)

Facebook is really pushing live feeds. These largely unscripted events generate organic and authentic media that connects people, which is what Facebook is going for. This feature is an attempt to take some market share from other live video sites and apps like Periscope and Snapchat. It’s the perfect way to show viewers exactly what you’re up to (as long as it is exciting or interesting to watch).

3.) Diversify and integrate your social media presence – if it isn’t cross-platform already

Facebook’s other platform, Instagram can easily be integrated into your Facebook strategy. As an example, the Santa Fe Opera and Simply Santa Fe recently invited local social media influencers (people who have lots of followers on Facebook) to take a sneak peak of their upcoming performances. During the event, the influencers were given a behind the scenes tour of the entire opera and allowed to watch the rehearsal of the shows.

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The photos from these events were organized and shared across social media by users under the hashtag #sfoinstameet. The events generated over 800 photos and generated a reach of over 400k. Rather than social media managers and official pages sharing the experience, the opera utilized their fans.

The number one priority of Facebook is to create feeds that are attractive and stimulating to their user base. It’s now more important than ever to get the community involved with your storytelling!

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Written by eric martinez

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