Siembra’s Website Lays a Strong Foundation for Their Brand

Siembra Leadership High School

Last week Siembra Leadership High School signed the lease on their new location in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque. The swell of media attention following the announcement directed new and unique visitors to Siembra’s website.

This moment demonstrated the value of a well-made, functional website, offering Siembra a priceless tool for its digital audience to interact with 24/7.  The traffic driven by traditional news media made the website the first place people interacted with the school. It allowed visitors to learn about its mission and goals, and provided Siembra with a digital platform on which to tell its story.

From their logo to the video on the landing page, MediaDesk NM crafted a strong narrative to connect the viewer to the Siembra story to better retain the important information to school shares on the site.

Siembra Leadership High School is unlocking human potential through entrepreneurship, innovation, and learning by doing. Located in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque, it is a free, public charter high school that is responsive to students unique needs. Siembra provides students with 360-degree support and relevant real-world projects to ensure they can to focus on hands-on, rigorous learning each day.

Siembra’s focus on entrepreneurship enables the school to fully support and respond to the individual needs of students, staff, and community.

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Written by eric martinez

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