One Mic, One Speaker

One Mic, One Speaker

Rules to follow When Cultivating Voice

Brand voice is your compilation of words, terms, attitudes and expressions that flow across all channels with the purpose to inspire and engage a connection with your brand”.

Branding and identity are signature elements of communications work. When approaching brand voice, MediaDesk builds close relationships with our clients, becoming deeply familiar with their style and goals. This closeness helps us craft effective brand voices, giving organizations the chance to speak directly (or almost directly) to their intended audience.

In the philanthropic world, the goal is often to have the widest reach and the largest targeted audience. This translates to knowing your audience and speaking in a clear and, more importantly, consistent voice. One of our jobs is to help clients consider the tone this voice might take — the serious expert or the playful ally, professional or friend. Once this voice has been established along with other branding elements (logos, promotional materials, etc.) implementation begins, and this is where the One Mic, One Speaker rule comes in.

If we think of each social media platform as a stage, the person behind the screen implementing the social media strategy has the mic. Staying “on brand” requires the speaker to maintain one voice across social media channels, rather than splitting the voice and sending mixed messages to organizational audiences. What follows are three recommendations to follow if the One Mic, One Speaker rule is the right fit for you.

  • Be authentic. Post content that is genuinely engaging for the intended audience and that speaks to the audience’s shared interest. Clickbait has a place, it just probably isn’t in your social media strategy.
  • Flexibility over multiplicity. Don’t split brand voice across social media changes, but be flexible. For example, character restrictions are going to make the tone of tweets seem more informal and that’s okay, but professional accounts should avoid abbreviating every word when posting Facebook content where there are no such restrictions.
  • If you post to one channel, post to all channels. It’s important that each platform works in tandem to increase reach and reinforce messaging.

Written by Cody Romero

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