140 Characters is Just Too Short for A Good Message


Sharing clear and concise messages with your followers through microblogging platforms – like Twitter – can limit the depth and breadth of your message. Microblogging requires messaging that is a lot like a sales pitch; it is carefully crafted to reach a target audience, and it is designed to get them to take an action (like click a link or share the post). After all, you only get 140 characters. More than anything, microblogging brings attention to your brand, but it certainly comes with constraints.

The New Mexico Center for School Leadership uses their well-made, functional website‘s integrated Blog to circumnavigate microblogging restraints.  As they communicate on Twitter, they direct traffic to more meaningful messaging and fill in any details that might be missed in 140 characters by driving traffic from Twitter to a full-fledged blog on their website.

Tony Monfiletto, the Director at The New Mexico Center for School Leadership, uses the latest blog to share insights and a report on their growth rather than directly market a product or event to the reader. Openness and honesty works well for the Center and their specific audiences. The candor presented in their blog works well for a brand that seeks to disrupt the status quo in public education.

Their tone can come as a surprise to their audience and can disarms the reader’s preconceived notions about a blog, making them more engaged in the piece. The candor presented in their blog works well for a brand that seeks to disrupt the status quo in public education, but might not be the best for all brands.


New Mexico is one region where high school completion and transition into college and careers is an especially difficult path; in 2014 31.5% of our state’s young people did not graduate from high school, according to the New Mexico Public Education Department.

The Center seeks to bridge this gap by fostering school and policy environments that provide New Mexico students with excellent educational opportunities that are relevant, rigorous, engaging, and most importantly, that prepare them for their future. The Center convenes leaders across the educational and business spectrum to contribute to the development of the Leadership High School Network, to transform the policy environment to enable the best education for the students who need it the most, and to provide high quality technical assistance and professional development to educators who can be catalysts for change in New Mexico.

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